The T-Solution One from Think Surgical, a partner of United Orthopedic, is the only active robot. What sets the T-Solution One apart is its fully automated ability to prepare the bone with sub-millimetre dimensional accuracy, under the supervision of a surgeon following a personalised pre-surgical plan.


The TPLAN 3D Planning Workstation is a computer system for preoperative planning with 3D modeling and simple point-and-click control. The pre-surgical planning begins when the TPLAN converts the CT scan of the patient’s joint into a three-dimensional surface model of the bone. The surgeon selects an appropriate implant and places it along the axes of the bone with the help of anatomical landmarks.

The system has an open library of legally-marketed implants for the US and international markets. The surgeon can manipulate the implant to achieve optimal fit and alignment for the patient’s anatomy.

TPLAN enables the surgeon to explore several surgical plan options without risk to the patient or expending valuable surgical time.


The TCAT computer-assisted tool uses the pre-operative plan created by the surgeon in the 3D Planning Workstation for preparation of the bone cavity and joint surface.

The TCAT is staged in the OR, followed by patient positioning, surgical incision and fixation. Using the bone registration process, the surgeon uses a digitizer to collect points and locate the exact position of the patient’s anatomy for precise surgical implementation.

Under direct control of the surgeon and using controlled, gentle pressure, TCAT prepares the bone with sub-millimeter dimensional accuracy as specified by the plan. The specialized bone cutters and other hardware have been developed for accurately preparing the bone to achieve optimal fit of the implant.

If bone motion occurs, a Bone Motion Monitor stops the surgery. The registration system then allows the surgeon to quickly recover bone position and resume the surgery.

The TCAT cuts cavities and planes the femoral and tibia surfaces for knee implants.


The TSolution One® Total Knee Application aids surgeons in executing their preoperative plans with precise control, performing hands-free milling for bone preparation. Other surgical systems merely guide the surgeon.
With TPLAN®, the surgeon uses 3D images generated from CT scan data to design a joint replacement procedure tailored to the patient’s unique anatomy. Then, the TCAT® active robot prepares the bone with sub-millimeter dimensional accuracy so the surgeon can place and align the implant according to surgeon’s plan.
As a proven clinical system, studies demonstrate improved implant fit and alignment with fewer malalignment outliers when comparing the TSolution One® Total Knee Application to conventional manual joint replacement surgery. The TSolution One® offers several unique advantages:

  • Surgeon’s choice of implants
  • Open platform surgical system
  • Precise pre-surgical planning executed every time
  • Sub-millimeter dimensional accuracy
  • Precise cutting for optimal alignment
  • High-precision smart-tool technology
  • Non-optical technology



CT DICOM data of the patient’s affected joint is uploaded into the TPLAN® 3D Planning Workstation, which converts the data into a three-dimensional virtual bone model.


The surgeon uses the TPLAN 3D Planning Workstation to view and position the 3D model of the patient’s bone and joint anatomy, select the ideal implant, and define the optimal placement and alignment.


The TCAT® active robot prepares the bone while the surgeon supervises the procedure, watching the monitor and cutting tool to ensure proper system operation.
The surgeon places the implant and finishes the procedure.

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