Improves clinical outcomes through safer surgeries and faster recovery to expected quality of life goals, reduced complications, and enhanced post-operative satisfaction.


Greater confidence during operations with an accurate and easy-to-use collaborative robot – COBOT.
ROBIN is a smooth and interactive tool designed for high-quality implants.


Enhancement of brand and ranking through affordable new technological solutions that can be combined with high-quality prosthetics.

Robot Robin


  • ROBIN’s footprint in the operating room is reduced by more than 40% compared to any other competitor.

  • ROBIN offers extremely competitive, affordable, and sustainable pricing.

  • ROBIN can be transformed into an open platform to work with various selected implant designs.
    We collaborate with our surgeons to customize the best solution for all surgical procedures.

  • ROBIN is an advanced, safe COBOT technology with 7 degrees of freedom.

  • Orthokey provides constant improvement of solutions with new features and applications.


ROBIN is a collaborative robot capable of interacting and supporting surgeons during bone resection tasks in total knee arthroplasties (TKA) performed with a conventional cutting tool.

ROBIN’s precise and smooth workflow will interact with the surgeon by providing valuable and continuous information for the specific treatment of the patient, with real-time verification and target adjustment.

The trained and qualified operating room staff will be able to perform TKAs assisted by ROBIN without the need for a ROBIN technical specialist in the operating room.

ROBIN supports a preoperative scan-free approach, allowing for time and cost savings for the hospital.

The ROBIN platform will enable the implementation of new applications such as robotic-assisted procedures for UKA or THA, to be combined with UOC’s cutting-edge solutions.

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