Ortholox® Titanium Screw Systems

Thanks to its special design, Ortholox® Locking Periprosthetic Plate-Band Button Implant assists in the safe application of Ortholox® UHMWPE Cerclage Band System or CoCr/Titanium metal cables by the placement of Ortholox® Locking Periprosthetic Support Cable-Plate Systems in the screw hole.

Ortholox® Titanium Screw Systems are manufactured of medical degree Ti6Al4V-ELI in compliance with ISO 5832-3 and ASTM F136.

Ortholox® Titanium Screw Systems consist of the following types of screws: cortical, locking cortical, locking cannulated cortical, locking cannulated cancellous, locking insert, locking attachment plate inner and connection screws, locking periprosthetic plate-band button implant and blunt tip locking periprosthetic screws.

Ortholox® Titanium Screw Systems have hexagonal recesses and are used with an allen screwdriver.