Cerclage Band System

Ortholox® UHMWPE Cerclage Band System is manufactured from Medical Degree Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene material.
For Ortholox® UHMWPE Cerclage Band System, very thin fibers are woven in the form of bands with a width of 5 mm and 6 mm to form a multifilament material.

*By means of its wide cross section, it eliminates single-point stress.
*Pressure on bone tissue is distributed and thus decreased thanks to the wide surface of the band.
*By means of its wide surface, it is more reliable in osteoporotic bones when compared to metal cables or cerclage wires.
*Each band has a load carrying capacity of over 1600 N. (4 bands=6400 N)
*It does not lead to metal debris that scatter within the body and are caused by metal cables.
*Thanks to its blunt tip, it neither harms soft tissue nor poses a threat for the surgeon during application.
*It does not cause tissue damage as the metal wires during and after surgery.
*It minimises metal corrosion in bone structure.
*Besides, it eliminates the risk of surgical glove perforation.
*Since there are no metal cables contacting metal implants, it eliminates the risk of galvanic reaction of incompatible metals.
*The hospital does not need to store cables of various materials (stainless steel, titanium, cobalt chrome etc.).