United Orthopedic

DECEMBER - 2020 15 by manufacturing and maintaining sufficient stocks. Moreover, UOC was not threatened from an existential point of view due to its strong foothold in the industry. The firm adequately utilised this downtime period by collaborating with key surgeons and significant players in the market to develop new products. What Lies Ahead “We organize every year a “United European academy” meeting in which we do not compare products, but let surgeons discuss several subjects in a controverse way,” states Bopp. The current president of the European Hip Society is also the chairman of the scientific board of the United European Academy. The Academy has two purpose: the organization of the yearly conference and the clinical follow up of patients. To become one of the leading innovative orthopaedic companies, UOC is investing in 3D printing and computer-assisted robotic surgery technologies. UOC has also collaborated with THINK Surgical, an advanced orthopaedic robot technology company. Combined with UNITED’s quarter-century reputation as a reliable manufacturer in the medical device space, THINK’s expertise in active robot technologies will offer surgeons more precision and accuracy as they perform personalised, robot- assisted total knee replacement surgeries. The collaboration will focus on harnessing the advantages of each company’s current pioneering technology: THINK’s TSolution One Total Knee Application, which features an active robot, and UNITED’s U2 Knee System. The combination brings additional value for orthopaedic surgeons and hospitals seeking to acquire advanced active robot technology for total knee replacement. “The world population is aging and is willing to have more mobility, which means it is a growing market,” adds Bopp. UOC is already growing at a pace of thirty per cent per year in Europe. Forging ahead, UOC aims to expand geographically in the eastern parts of Europe, Canada, and Australia. The company’s goal is to become a significant player in every country where it has established a footprint.